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Top 10 Bedroom Decor Ideas and Designs For 2019

Top 10 Bedroom Decor Ideas For 2019

Top 10 Bedroom Decor Ideas and Designs For 2019
Top 10 Bedroom Decor Ideas and Designs For 2019

Your bedroom décor ideas represent your style. It’s your private space for a better night’s sleep or escape from everyone to take rest. So, it’s important you take care of your bedroom décor, no matter how small your space is and how bold you want to go.

In this blog, we have discussed plenty of bedroom decor ideas, to inspire you.

1. For Small Space, Keep Colors Light and Bright

Don’t worry if your bedroom is small; it can look bigger with light colours. The colour white is an ideal choice for a small bedroom, to keep space look wider. You can also layer your whites with patterns and different textures that will surely transform your room for sterile to stylish.

2. Add Frames and Pictures

Make your bedroom colourful with beautiful scenery frames and by adding family pictures. But don’t over add it. Also, take care of the size of the frames-bigger one is for big space.

3. Magnify with Mirrors

Mirrors are never out of fashion and is best for creating the illusion of a bigger room. The easiest way is to position a mirror to reflect the sunlight that will naturally light in your space. Lean it up against the wall.

4. Invest in Lamps

Nightstands and adjustable lamps are a great way to décor your bedroom. You can also put lamps above your bed shelve or keep personal items as well.

5. Wallpapers Adds Beauty

Wallpapers look cool. Also, you need not to get worried about hiding the wall stains. If you have a small space, invest in light colours wallpapers and vice-versa.

6. Add Some Extra Pillows

To get that luxurious feel, put two to six pillows on your bed. Make a good colour combination of pillows and sheet sets. Place the larger one towards the back of the smaller pillows. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

7. Bed Sheets for Bedroom

A dull bed sheet could destroy the look of your bedroom. It is always a best idea to have bright colour sheets to make your bedroom look bright. You can also search bedroom decor sheets online. Shop superior-quality sheet sets!

For an added touch of luxury, get yourself a comforter with a duvet cover.

8. Add Some Softness With A Cozy Rug

Rugs are always in fashion. Try to get a rug that matches your room theme, such as the wallpaper, bed sheets, or curtains.

9. Keep Plants For A Natural Touch

We all love nature so why not to keep plants inside your room? Keep small size plants on the corner of your room or near window.

10. Keep Your Room Clean 24/7

No matter how much you invest in bedroom decor ideas if your room is n’t clean. First and foremost rule is to take care of the cleanliness.

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