Tips For Buying Bed Linens During Sale On Home Decor

February is the perfect time for savvy shoppers to buy the household items. This is the month when retailers mark heavy discounts on home decor products especially bed linens. Here are some tips for buying bed linens during Winter sale 2018.

Linen has many kinds and can be categorized into 3 kinds. Synthetic linen, 100% cotton linen, and organic linen. All these are used to manufacture sheet sets 2019 and towels for home decor and bedding accessories. Whenever you choosing a sheet set, bed linen, for yourself especially in sale don’t hurry in buying but see whether you really need it or would it be just an extra addition to your wardrobe for no use.

Best Cotton Jersey Bed Sheets

Best Cotton Bed Sheets

Pure cotton sheets include Jersey bed sheets, Melange linen, Sateen where as non-cotton or Synthetic linen sheets include Flannel sheet sets, Modal sheet sets and best Percale sheet sets . Each of these have their own characteristics and used seasonally.

When buying best cotton sheet sets, take a look into its sub-category. The linen is sub-divided into Egyptian, Pima, and Bamboo cotton. All of these vary in thread count. Let me explain you what thread count means exactly. The thread count normally refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The fabric becomes softer when the thread count is higher. Good linen sheets range usually from 200 to 500 GSM (grams per square meter). Jersey bed linen is soft, breathable and used mostly in both the seasons. Whereas Sateen bed sheet is great summer or for those of us who run warm when we sleep. This linen doesn’t wrinkle badly with washing there is no real problem with them as they are a dream to sleep on.

Best Flannel Sheets 2018

Best Flannel bedding 2019

Coming towards the Synthetic linen now, we have Modal bed sheets, Flannel bedding and Percale bed sheets. These bed linens are not that breathable and they trap air inside them thus are best for winter season. This linen, for example, Flannel sheets, when mixed with cotton that’s been combed to fluff up the fibers. The result is very soft fabric with a nap that traps body heat, thus giving flannel its snuggly-warm qualities. Modal Line is a cocktail fabric with a tough feel, the weight of this linen is lighter. The mixing of Modal with cotton, a natural fiber, makes cool and breathable sheet setsPercale is not soft linen as compared to the pure cotton linens. It’s stiff and wrinkles but on the other hand the sheet has to be put under the comforter and you don’t need to iron it very often. Percale bed sheets are totally cool and crisp for hot season. For places where the weather is hot and humid.

Best Sheet Sets For Bedroom

Best Sheet sets are organic are environmentally friendly too apart from the synthetic and non-synthetic ones thus sometimes bed linen can be fully biodegradable.

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