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The Best Blankets For Your Bedroom

Best Branded Blankets

The Best Blanket For Your Bedroom! || Branded Blankets Collection
The Best Blanket For Your Bedroom! || Branded Blankets Collection

It’s Time to Cozy Up With a New Blankets

Your bedroom should be the comfiest, most relaxing place on earth. Choosing which blanket is the right one for you depends on the warmth, weight and texture you prefer. Its not only the color and the size that matters in blankets, there’s a little more to it than that. Once you find a blanket you like, use it every night. Nights are the best part of day and are most relaxing. We make sure to provide you with full comfort and relaxing sleep. Our luxurious blankets are available in different fabrics according to every season. We have branded blankets from an extensive range of designs, Basket weave, Basket weave cotton, Bow tie, Cable knit and Chevron blankets. Each of our blankets is special and makes your nights snuggly. Enhance your lifestyle with our blankets selection for an everlasting glamorous  look. Stylish blankets are perfect for adorning your bedrooms. Choose your best blanket from our range of fleece blankets!

Basket Weave Blankets

This wonderfully textured and incredibly soft knit basket weave blanket is the perfect addition to any bed. The Basket Weave Blanket features the popular basket weave stitch, which creates a checkerboard look and feel to the piece. This cozy blanket is wonderful for draping over a rocking chair or folding over a sofa. Get one up in your favorite color or a color to match your bedroom.

Cotton Basket Weave Blankets

Add another layer of comfort to your bedding with this organic Cotton Basket Weave Blanket. This subtle yet stylish 100% cotton basket weave blanket is beautiful and stylish. Wrap yourself in pure comfort with this all season 100% cotton blanket. This blanket is ideal for year-round use and comes in a variety of colors. Keep warm through even the coldest night with these 100% Cotton blankets.

Bow Tie Acrylic Blankets

Wrap up with a bow tie blanket from Briarwood home! Warm and soft touch. These blankets can be used throughout the year because of the flexibility and durability of the fabric which is pure acrylic. Soft fleece bowtie blankets are prefect for layering any bed. Gives a snugly mood while resting comfortably in fuzzy blanket. Super-soft and smooth-fleecy texture makes our blankets perfectly incredible for everyday use.

Premium Cable Knit Blankets

Add irresistible warm to your beds with our cable knit blanket. Soft and snug, this blanket is crafted from premium quality and the design will add class to your home. Stay warm and cosy all night. This stylish cable knit gives a perfect décor to your bed.

High Quality Chevron Blankets

Super soft chevron blanket. Get into your comfy zone with chevron blankets wrapped around in shivery nights. Gives glamorous look to your beddings. Knitted with durable fabric and available in various colors and size. Our blanket collection is super stylish with low price and high quality. We always make sure to keep you budget friendly.

Browse Our Selection Of Luxurious Blankets From Briarwood Home

Pick luxurious blankets from a great variety of Basket weave, Cotton Basket weave, Bow tie, Cable knit and Chevron – made of coziest fabric and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep. Let’s get cozy and fresh!

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