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New Ways To Make Your Room Spacious

How can I make my small bedroom more spacious?


If your room is not big enough and does not give you the feeling of comfort then you need to read this blog. Uncover exciting ways to transform your dinky looking room with lots of space for the ultimate comfort of your mind. Making a small room look larger in appearance has always been a tricky task to do. People often get stubborn on how to make room feel spacious and comforting without making big and costly changes. Well hassle no more because with these new and fun ideas, anyone can put an illusion of a bigger and open space to their small-sized bedroom.

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Painting The Walls And Ceiling Accordingly

Now this is the first step towards your big-looking new room. It is really important to choose colors that make room look spacious because it makes a big difference in any room’s space. To give a deception of a larger room, you need to paint your walls and ceiling accordingly to the lighter and whiter tones. You can also choose one wall to be prominent than the rest by applying a funky wallpaper on it, which also adds to a larger looking area.

Removing Extra Furniture

To make your room look bigger and spacious, it is essential that you remove or replace space-consuming furniture with smarter options. For instance, if you have a sofa in your room, you can easily replace it with small and compact ottomans. Anyone can make their beds the center of attraction by simply trying this space-savvy trick. Choosing multi-functional furniture can also be a good idea for making a small room spacious.

Choosing The Furniture’s Colour

You need to be steer clear that you don’t want to make your room look like a piece of mess by wrong selection of furniture and wall colors. So keep in mind that with lighter colors like white and light blue, monochromatic colored furniture suits best. I’m talking a mix of blacks, whites and browns to make room more spacious with the touch of elegance. For the bedding colors, it is essential that you stick to the lighter tones to complement the walls and the whole room’s atmosphere. Check out Lelaan’s amazing color range in their luxurious flannel sheets collection which are best for winter.

Mirror Illusion Trick

Furniture and color of the walls can make surely make your mind feel comfortable about your room but the fact that the space is small, still remains there. To overcome that difference you can easily put this magic trick to test. Placing mirrors in your room will surely make your room appear larger and it will also a little spark to your place. You can put mirror-fitted closets in your room to make room more spacious.

Placing The Furniture Correctly

Furniture placement is also very important when you’re making your place appear larger than before. Get rid of all the furniture that has been taking all the space and which can be easily mounted on the walls instead. Like shelves and lamps can be mounted on the walls which will leave your floor space to be wasted and will make small room look spacious and bigger.

Switch To Blinds From Curtains

Windows are really important for any room whether it is smaller or bigger in size. You can also save some space by replacing your long curtain with shorter ones. The best way to make your room more spacious is that you drop the idea of curtains and instead put up blinds as they take lesser space than curtains and gives an illusion of a relaxing big room.

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New Ways To Make Your Room Spacious

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