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The 4 Most Common Bed Sheet and Bedding Fabrics

Most Common Sheets and Bedding Fabrics

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for our bodies to retain its energy so it is important to make a relaxing environment around you. This is where bedsheets come to play their roles. When choosing a bedsheet there are a lot of things for you to consider for example the ply of the sheet, thread count of the sheets. But the most important decision one should make is selecting the best sheet fabric for ultimate comfort. There are a lot of different fabrics available in the market but I’ll be telling you about the best four out of them. Also, don’t forget to unravel Briarwood Home’s massive sale on sheet sets fabric online of up to %70 off sitewide.

100% Pure Cotton Fabric

100% Pure Cotton FabricThis fabric tops all the other bed sheet fabrics and is easily available in the market in a remarkably lower price range. Cotton, being the best fabric for sheet sets, is known for its softness which guarantees you a sound sleep. There are different cotton types that are used for bedsheet making like Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, or upland cotton. Briarwood Home has the widest variety of cotton bed sheets. So check out their premium collection and get mesmerized.

Luxury Cotton Jersey Sheets

Luxury Cotton Jersey SheetsThis sheeting fabric is very soft and light-weighted which makes it a good replacement for pure cotton sheets. Unlike cotton, this fabric covers any surface very perfectly just like when you put on a sock, it stretches a little and covers your feet and when you take it off, it comes back to its original non-stretched shape. Explore Briarwood Home’s exceptional jersey bedsheets collections and get the lowest prices ever. So stop your bedsheets from hanging unattractively around the corners of your bed and buy yourself a stretchable and most ultra soft jersey bedsheet for the ultimate sleek looking bed.

The Best Sateen Sheets

The Best Sateen SheetsThese are simply made of satin fabric. This fabric is the most luxurious of them all and is the most expensive as well. These are extra light in weight and feels so much softer than any other fabric feels. Although it is on the pricey side, it sure gives you an ultimate sexy and luxury feel and that’s what makes it a desirable bedsheet fabric by many people. It also has a flattering sheen to it. Discover the sateen sheet sets collection only at and get the best luxury sheets.

Percale Weave

Most Common Sheets and Bedding FabricsAre you tired of sweating all night? Well, then you should definitely try a percale weave bedsheet. These make the most comfortable bed sheets for summertime as they stay cool. Percale is also soft and light-weighted like all the other bedsheet fabrics. As compared to sateen sheets, these have a matte finish and these are more breathable than sateen fabric. Another good quality of percale sheets is that they can be easily washed due to its lightweight. Though this fabric is wrinkly, it is as soft as any other fabric. So make sure to uncover Briarwood Hom ravishing percale bed sheets collection for the most extraordinary variety and color choices.

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