How to Buy the Right Sheet Sets: Sateen vs. Percale

Choosing the perfect sheets for your bed can be a hassling task but the new and improved fabrics have made it even more hassle for one to choose a sheet they’ll like sleeping on. Many people say that they are confused about whether to buy a percale sheet or sateen sheet for the best sleep. We are here to provide you with all the information on the above matter so just keep on reading and get amazed.

The Premium Sheet Sets to Shop Online

Bed sheets are one of the most important things one has to buy in their lives. So buying them should be an important task that one should look up to as we spend one-third of our every day resting on them. Read below to find out more about how to buy the right sheet sets.

The Right Bed Sheets

The Right Bed SheetsKeep in mind that when looking for sheets don’t just look for the luxuriousness in them but also look for their durability and breathability. Finding the right bed sheets depends on numerous factors. One of which thread count is the most important one to note. If you want your sheets to be soft as a cloud then you would want to look for a sheet that is higher in thread count. The experts say that the best sheets have the thread count somewhere in between four hundred to nine hundred. So making that clear let’s move on to the real matter.

Sateen Sheets

Best Sateen Sheets

You want to buy sateen sheet sets if you’re into luxury bedding. Sateen sheets are manufactured with a blend of organic cotton fibers to give it durability with the added lusciousness of the polyester fibers that make it lustrous and gleaming. Sateen sheets have a silky smooth feel. These sheets can have a shiny and glistening appearance if it’s your preference.  Sateen sheets do not leave many wrinkles when spread on the bed and look wrinkle free and charmingly luxurious.

Percale Sheets

Best Percale Sheets

You would want to buy percale sheet sets if you love yourself a nice, cool and crisp feel. Percale sheets are made of hundred percent organic cotton fibers that are woven with a lesser thread count to give you a sheet light as air. It’s soft and cozy and is perfect to be spread in summers and in other hot and mild weathers.  Percale sheets have a matte finish to them and are prone to wrinkles. Percale sheets are lighter in weight and have a crisp hand feel to them.

The Difference

The Difference Between Sateen vs. Percale

Sateen vs Percale, which to choose? Let’s discuss the difference between the two weaves of sheets. There are a lot of different pros and cons of each of the sheet. Percale sheets wrinkle whereas sateen sheets don’t. Sateen sheets are heavy in weight whereas percale sheets are lighter in weight. Sateen sheets are not that durable whereas percale sheets will last you for a long time. Percale sheets get softer after each wash whereas sateen sheets lose its sheen after various washes. Sateen sheets have a smooth and silk-like feel whereas percale sheets are more towards a crisp feel.

Whether you choose sateen sheets or percale sheets, it is totally up to you but ninety-five percent of the people prefer percale sheet sets for weathers like this as well as for all year round. Because percale sheets are made of pure cotton they can make you feel more relaxed rather than a sateen sheet.

We hope this blog-article helped you out in choosing the best sheet for yourself. Keep yourself updated with the best and improved knowledge about the sheets and their fabrics and do not forget to enlighten us with your valuable feedback so that we may better ourselves in the future. Stay connected with us on our social media accounts for more exciting news and updates.

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