Extra Comfort, Cozy and 100% Soft Premium Cotton Blankets

Perfect for layering any bed – Provides comfort and excitement for years

Extra extensive super soft warm elegant Cozy cotton fuzzy bed blankets best for all seasons. Double brushed blankets collection. Shop online fluffy blankets for Hotel, Home, Bedrooms & Guest rooms. Shop online our breathable, plush and fuzzy blankets in California, USA.

Our prime concern while making these blankets is none other than to make these long-wearing and extra-comfy to make your nights better and peaceful. Acrylic material is soft, breathable and imbibing which makes your clothing and bedding less itchy than other fabrications. Cotton does not cling to your body as it does not produce static friction. Cotton material only sheds while it’s in the washing machine unlike other fabrics like polyester. Things made of cotton require low maintenance due to their ability to stay fresh and clean for a longer period. Cotton is durable, reliable and all natural.


Microplush: its micro-plush fibers helps in making it more durable and fluffy, these are purchasable in four subtle colors that vary from light Ivory, Grey, to light Blue, and warm Beige. You can wash them and tumble dry at home in a gentle cycle of washing machine.

These blankets will be a immense addition to your home attire because not only they look trendy but they provide you ultimate warmth that is excellent adequate for a wintry night or a sizzling summer night.

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