Easy Spring Home Decor Renovating Ideas

As spring has finally sprung, we need to revamp our home decoration from winters to the spring season. Usually people don’t bother revamping their house but if you want to revamp it on a budget then keep on reading as we have some interesting and amazing ideas of home decoration for you that are budget-friendly and are going to make your house or any room entirely renovated without even buying anything expensive. It is not necessary to splurge when there’s a need to shift something seasonally. Stick along for more amazing decorating ideas for spring.

Home Entrance

For the season of spring, your entryway should depict the feeling of spring. To make it look more spring like, you can paint your door if it’s painted with a dark color like black or red and switch to cool, light and natural hues.

You can make a beautiful wreath of flowers or plants available in this season just like we do for Christmas to give the door a more decorated and enchanted look.

Easy Spring Home Decor Renovating Ideas

You can also add in some flowers in an old umbrella and hand it on the front door. It will look utterly beautiful and unique and you’ll save some dollars on the paint.

Living Room

The first thing your guest will notice while entering your home is none other than your living room. So you should decorate it wisely to make a lasting impression and to feel relaxed and soothed for your own self.

Living Room IdeasPaint is one thing that is going to be a constant game changer here as light-hues are meant for spring. Colors like peach, pastels and whites look best in the living room for an added touch of uniqueness.

Living room’s center table should also be kept into consideration as it is an essential furniture piece for decoration. You can keep it as simple as possible to make it look visible and maybe even put on a beautiful glass vase filled with seasonal flowers to make it look more prettier.

If you have a fireplace in your living room then you should decorate it as well according to the season just as we do on Christmas. Put on some pretty ceramic vases filled with pink or any color of tulips and you’re good to go. Add in a cute wreath made of any plant for the best mantle display.

Dining Table Area

Dining table area is another place where you can do some interesting renovations. Remember that everything looks great in spring which is colored with light and natural hues, even the furniture. Keep your dining table simple and open all the curtains in that area for a natural lighting from the sun in the daytime.

Dining Table Area

If you have some guests coming over then you can quickly put up your antique candle stand on the table and light a cream colored candle on the table and you can also light candles at daytime if they’re scented or just for an extra decoration.


Usually kitchen area is painted white so that it doesn’t absorb any heat in the walls from the constant burning of the stoves. Keep it light, keep it natural and that’s all you’re going to need for spring kitchen renovation.


Although kitchen utensils and storage can be revamped according to the season. For instance you can buy these cheap and reasonably-priced glass jars to contain your spices, cereals or anything else like cookies for a relaxed and stress-free cooking experience as you can easily see through them.

You can also put some cute pottery in your kitchen like shown in the pic below. Place a white pot in any corner of your kitchen counter and add in some plants from your garden and you’re all set with your spring kitchen ambiance.


Okay this is for you own self to stay relaxed and calm all through the spring season by doing exceptional spring décor in your bedroom. Put on some sweet and attractive wallpapers on your wall if you don’t want to take part in all that hassle of painting your walls again.

Also sheets should be revamped and spread according to the season like for spring the suitable material would be a jersey sheet set because it will keep you cool and refreshed with the added softness of cotton jersey fabric.

Your bed’s side table can also be renovated from season to season. In spring you don’t want to overload it with stuff but to keep it simple and place only the things that are important and speak the language of spring to you. Put up a light-hued lamp on it, along with an artificial pot minute in size and a frame at the back of it with a printed quote on it.

Selection of curtains is really important too. Put up a light-weight curtain which is also light in color so you feel cool and fresh all the time in spring.

Bathroom Décor

This renovation is also private but soothes the brain once you do it. So the washbasin should be kept uniquely simple along with the products laying there should be white and light colored. Add in another mirror in the center for maximum peace of mind.

Now the bath tub is usually covered in bathroom curtains which are made of plastic. Selecting the colors of those curtains should also be kept into consideration for the most relaxed bath ever. Keep it simple and light. Non-printed curtains works best in providing you ultimate comfort and relaxation while bathing.

Also changing the set of towels each month is really essential for a good hygiene practice but

Outdoor And Porch

You can do so much in spring to your porch area if you have any. Put up a table made from wood, also you can make it easily by yourself by chopping some wood and attaching the part with any kind of wood headboard.

Place a sofa set which you don’t use and fill it with cushions for an elegant and cozy porch and entryway.

Have some old rustic patio chairs which turned bad? Paint them black and you are good to go. Place some plants in a black pot along with it to give it a sophisticated feeling.

Hope you enjoyed our beautiful spring transformations from winter and be sure to give them a try. Share your thoughts on this blog and enlighten us with your valuable feedback. Keep reading our fun-filled, jam-packed with information blogs and stay connected.

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